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January 4, 2021  |   BY KIM DAMON



It is interesting to me that we measure our own worthiness by what others think of us.  It is a complete waste of time, energy, and emotions to measure ourselves this way.  Yet many of us cannot resist the urge to do it.   Equally interesting is how we sometimes put more weight on another human opinion of us than we do our own.  When this happens and we do not believe we are 100% worthy, that belief is going to show up in our lives and our relationships. 


If we believe we are unworthy, we will not bother working toward our career, losing weight, or our biggest dreams and goals.  We will just quit and suffer.  If we feel unworthy of love, we cannot love ourselves or anyone else. 

I recall feeling this way off and on throughout my life.  I have felt unworthy as a daughter, a wife, a mother, an employee and as a business owner.  Each time I allowed this feeling to creep into my mind, I felt stuck and unloved.  I feel it’s the devil’s way of destroying our ability to have healthy relationships.


We need to pull out this thought of not being worthy and examine it carefully.  Did someone tell us we are not worthy? Are we creating our worthiness on past mistakes?  Failures don’t equal unworthiness.  We all fail, and we have a choice to learn from the failure and understand what path we chose didn’t work for us.  Maybe we can even be happy about the opportunity to grow as a humans.  We have a choice to feel 100% worthy. 


Just imagine if a perfect stranger walked up to you and told you that you are an unworthy and unforgivable person.  Most of us would think that they had lost their damn mind and probably carefully step away from this person to get away from them.  That just reinforces that it is a choice.  It is what you think and believe when someone you know or care about suggests you are not worthy. 


Nothing we do will make us less worthy as humans.  Lose all your job – worthy!  Lose all your money – worthy!  Lose your home and become homeless – worthy!  Overweight – worthy! Yell at your spouse – worthy!  Let your children down – still worthy! 

Being kinder cannot increase it.  Being prettier, skinnier, richer, smarter, more giving cannot increase your worthiness.  We are just born with it!  We are 100% worthy. 


We may use the circumstances in our lives to prove to ourselves that we are not worthy, or we can use those same circumstances as proof that we are worthy.  It is all a choice in our thoughts.  My friend, you are completely 100% worthy!


Kim Damon



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